Why do apples go brown when you cut them?

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Brown apples are just as good we still eat lots of them mmmm brown apples….

The oxygen in the air (which makes up about 20% of the gas in air) is an extremely reactive gas. The outer skin of an apple acts to protect the inner pulp against injury. But if this layer is damaged, the cells in the pulp release enzymes which react with this oxygen to oxidize the damaged cells and form a protective layer against infection. Thus, the brown coloration in an apple occurs in response to damage caused to the apple but they are still tasty enough to eat!

If you put a peeled apple in the refrigerator the process is greatly slowed down and it will take several days before it turns brown. If you place it in the hot oven it will turn brown very quickly . Faster than if you left it exposed to air at room temperature.

Badgers solve this problem by eating apples as soon as we see them on the ground!!!