Why are some children bossy?

Aah Poppy, we have a few bossy badgers in our sett but we have worked out some clever ways of dealing with them!

Some badgers really are unable to tolerate it when someone else is in charge and always want to be telling us what to do and this makes them seem bossy. Us badgers have some clever ways of dealing with them though as they can be difficult to deal with can’t they?

I sometimes ask my badger friends to help me avoid bossy badgers by playing with me. I also just ignore bossy badgers by doing something else, like making worm sandwiches or filing my claws! The annoying badgers in our sett just want to see me mad and distract me so I make sure I don’t give them what they want!

I don’t really know why some turn out that way Poppy, I think you just have to set a good example and be kind which I am sure you are. Here is a picture of Uncle Derek who is very laid back and is kind and funny. He ignores the bullies and spends his time with his friends, he has lots of them because he is kind and lots of fun…and always knows where to find the BIGGEST worms!!