Are you not getting sick of worms? We have some nice blackberries you could try Mr Badger. How many worms do you need each night?

Sick of worms??? Do you get sick of chocolate? I don’t only eat worms. I am partial to a nice slug too. Not a fan of blackberries thank you but I do have my eye on some promising raspberries in the garden which I am thinking of adding to my other favourite, Toad in the Hole.

Worms are my big favourite though. I get through several hundred each night. Digging is VERY hard work and I don’t have a spade so I am always hungry!! But I do like a bit of fruit now and again and sometimes I’ll find some nice flower bulbs to munch on while I’m watching the owls at night lying on some nice short grass. We have a lovely human who keeps the grass short where we like to have a good scratch and dig to find our worms, she plants raspberries for us too and gives us lots of flower bulbs to munch on.